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"Shore Thing" ~ Potomac River ~ White Sand Harbour"

More pictures from Shore Thing, Page 4:

This chart shows Cubitt Creek, Lowe's Pond, and the Potomac River shoreline. The arrow points to the location of the house.

There are several nice shade trees on this 0.48 acre property, including a large oak in the back yard. The drainfield is on the right side of the house, in front of the heat pump.

There are two entry doors on the deck. This door opens to the Great Room and one is by the Kitchen.

Enjoy this western view from the nicely shaded backyard. There is a thick evergreen hedge along the side boundary for privacy.

The backyard has several large trees. There is a vacant lot between this house and the blue house that will not be built on.

A detached shed provides extra storage space and has an entry ramp for a small boat on a trailer or a mower. The house could be added onto on this left side, if desired.

An arrow shows the way to the beach. There is a swingset, a volleyball net, and a tetherball.

Picnic tables and charcoal grills set the stage for family fun.

The White Sands Harbour beach.

This picture shows the channel into Cubitt Creek at the end of the community beach. Our children enjoyed riding the tide with their innertubes in a similar channel.
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