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"Carters Cove House" ~ Carters Creek ~ 3 acres

More pictures from Carters Cove, Page 4:

The family room in the farmhouse section has been opened up to the sunroom addition.

This is the beadboard ceiling in the family room.

The sunroom is open to the first floor of the original farmhouse, but is separated by two wooden columns.

The sunroom as seen from the door to the brick section. There is an exterior-quality brick wall between the two sections, so it should be possible to remove the old farmhouse completely.

The brick wall and door which leads into the kitchen in the brick rancher.

This formal living room is in the brick house and features a picture window and a separate entrance onto the front porch.

The kitchen sink has a view of the water through the enclosed back porch that would be greatly enhanced if the previous deck was re-opened.

The country kitchen is large enough to accomadate two tables. There's a sliding glass door to the back porch and then out onto the spacious waterside deck. It would be nice to add a door that leads directly outside, and trade the enclosed porch for an extended deck.

The brick wing has three bedrooms that run along the cove side of the house, with views upstream. More glass doors leading onto the deck from this part of the house would enhance the living spaces by increasing the views and making the waterfront more accessible.
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