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"Sage Hill" ~ Waterfront Land ~ Corrotoman River ~ Seniors Creek

More pictures from Sage Hill, Page 3:

This is a telephoto shot looking downstream. The Corrotoman River, of which Seniors Creek is a tributary, is a very pristine river with several bald eagle nesting sites on it's shores.

This picture was taken from a canoe, on the upstream side of the lot. Note the riprap stones along the shoreline. Most of the shoreline is stable, but there are a few spots where more stones could be added. Observe the gentle slope on top of the hill that takes you from the home site elevation at 32' to a 10' elevation near the shore. A wild and beautiful place!

Another shot of the rip rap. This is on the downstream side, looking back at the marsh.

This subdivision seems to favor driveway entrance sculptures; this pineapple is at the downstream house.

This regal pair of lions belong to the upstream neighbor. The road right of way crosses this lot, and the nieghbor has paved part of it. The lions should really move back to the boundary line, but for now, park in front of them and walk between them to reach this lot's driveway.

This is the official Site Plan for Lot 4.

This is a color-version close up of the home site.

Another view upstream. There is a large power boat that is sometimes kept in this very sheltered harbor.
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