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"Rock Hole Dock" ~ Rock Hole Creek ~ 2.92 acres in Baypointe

More pictures from Rock Hole Dock, Page 2:

This is Baypointe Court, a very quiet side street.

The driveway entrance sports a lush growth of new grass and the trees on either side sport some red marking tape.

A little farther down the driveway, the homesite in the woods becomes apparent.

The cleared building site. The pipe on the left side marks the western boundaryline.

Most of the underbrush has been cleared out between the building site and the pier....

...but there's still some work to do, as the pier is just visible through these trees. Some of the smaller trees can be removed, after checking with the county.

Another shot of the dock shows the piling for the left-hand boat slip.

The plat of survey shows 260 feet of shoreline.
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