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"Queen's Bay" ~ California-style Contemporary ~ Corrotoman River

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A carved wooden door and a gleaming ship's lantern welcome you home. The entry is recessed into a covered alcove for protection from the weather.

Brick flooring in the foyer echoes the central chimney. Both serve as heat sinks to moderate the inside temperatures.

The sunken living area features a western-cedar beamed ceiling, and is open to the dining area and the foyer.

The hearth of the central fireplace is set at the perfect height for casual seating in the sunken living area. This house has a balance and symmetry that engenders harmony, along with a unique blend of rustic details and elegant polish.

The Great Room's south-facing windows bring the views inside. All the windows were custom built.

The dining area also enjoys water views.

This symmetrical shed is near the raised garden beds and is flanked by tall pines.
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