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"Corrotoman By The Bay" ~ Corrotoman River ~ Seniors Creek

Corrotoman By The Bay is a community fronting on both the Western Branch of the Corrotoman River and on Seniors Creek, with a mix of waterfront and water-access properties. There are 325 property owners; 120 homes; and 60 permanent residencies.

This subdivision enjoys a spacious, open park with a road that loops around the outside, making it a popular place to walk, jog or cycle. The park has a 9-hole golfing pitch & putting course, two tennis courts, and a children's playground with slide, swings, bouncers, climbing gym and spinning turnstile. A covered picnic pavilion and shaded picnic tables are situated near the playground for family cookouts. There is a big Swimming Pool with diving board plus a young childrens Wading Pool. There is a modern clubhouse with restrooms and kitchen facilities next to the pool.

A separate Marine Facility offers a private boat ramp with launch area, and a pier with seasonal boat slips. There is a waterfront picnic table and a spacious turn around area, for easy access with a boat trailer.

Property Owners Association fees are $80.00 a year per lot, and an additional $50.00 a year for family use of the swimming pools. This community is situated on the Corrtoman Peninsula, between the Rappahannock and Corrotoman Rivers. It is approximately five miles from the boat ramp on the Western Branch of the Corrotoman out to the Rappahannock River, and another eight miles out to the Chesapeake Bay. There are also many creeks to explore in the Corrotoman watershed, including the Eastern Branch of the Corrotoman.

More information on Corrotoman By The Bay is available on their website.

This concrete boat ramp is your doorway to boating on the Chesapeake Bay.

There are eleven seasonal boat slips at the community pier.

This picnic table beside the pier creates a congenial resting area.

Temporary parking with lots of space to turn around with a boat trailer, adjacent to the ramp.

The big swimming pool has a llow diving board at the deep end.

A separate wading pool lets the younger children splash around.

The two fenced tennis courts feature a backboard for solitary practice.

This climbing gym is next to the picnic pavilion.

The spinner was always my favorite childhood ride.

The slide, swings and bouncers are on the opposite side of the pool from the picnic pavilion.

The swingset is designed for young children.

This chart shows Senior Creek and the Western Branch of the Corrotoman River. Corrotoman By The Bay is outlined with red and overlaid in green. There is a car ferry that crosses the river at Merry Point.

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